Technology Solution Quadrants:

i2One uses a specialized quad approach to offer adaptive and scaleable technology solutions on demand.

i2One Quad Technology

i2One Quad

Quad I – Network and Computer Systems Administration

We can assist your organization with Infrastructure support and implementation of LAN-based Windows and Linux Network Operating Systems delivering high- quality solutions while maximizing up-time. Our specialties include, Microsoft Active Directory, Domain Controller Management, File Services, Group Policy, host-based security, Desktops, Data Backups, Patch Management and Disaster Recovery operations.


Quad II – Cyber and Physical Security

i2One’s Cyber-Security specialists will work with an organization to help keep your network secure. An in-depth analysis of your organization’s business operations and associated employee roles can help determine access needs. By applying the Principal of Least Privilege, (PoLP) technical controls can be leveraged to ensure only authorized staff members have access to data they need to perform their job duties. Using a multi-layered approach, our specialists have the expertise to help mitigate cyber-crime risks, including malware, denial-of-service attacks and information warfare.

Breaches of physical security can be done with little to no technical knowledge on the part of a determined attacker.  Physical security can simply be defined as the protection of a facilities staff, hardware and IT data networks from physical intrusion.  Once a facility has been breached, the attacker has greater potential to cause serious damage; ranging from human and financial loss to diminished reputation, all of which are a toxic blend that can cripple a business.  Countermeasures such as CCTV, biometric scanners, perimeter sensors and wireless technologies can be used to thwart these types of attacks.   Contact i2One to see how we can assist with your organization’s physical security needs.


Quad III – Big Data Analytics

Every enterprise needs to fully understand big data – what it is to them, what is does for them, what it means to them and how to utilize it in the data-driven market. i2One specializes in Big Data solutions for both unstructured and multi layered data utilizing industry’s best tools such as Hadoop focused on V3 structure

Volume – the amount of data

Velocity – the speed of information generated and flowing into the enterprise

Variety –  the kind of data available) to begin to frame the big data discussion


Quad IV – Web-site Development and SEO SOLUTIONS

i2One offers top notch WordPress Website design and development, hosting and digital & internet marketing services using Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. Combining Social Media Marketing to developing strong presence in media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + and Web Content Marketing to improve web ranking with SEO services creates robust combination for a successful website and overall business. i2One also maintains and monitors websites, traffic and metrics to make continuous improvements and optimization to keep the website head of the competition.


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